What is preserved moss?
The natural moss is harvested from moss farms and undergoes an eco-friendly process to preserve the moss. This involves replacing the water in the plant with glycerine. Natural food colouring is used to enhance colour.

Do preserved moss and plants need to be watered?
There is no watering required. As there is no water in the plants anymore, they will maintain their natural texture and never dry out. In fact you should always keep water (including moisture and excess humidity) away from preserved products as it can severely damage the moss.

How long will it last?
Preserved moss and plants will last for many years, if kept indoors, and away from moisture, direct sunlight, heaters and air conditioners.

How much moss do I need to make my own project?
The quantity of each variety of moss is noted on the product listings. To calculate a total simply determine: the size of your project and the combination of moss types you’d like for your design. Finally calculate the total square footage provided for the mix of moss.

For example:

A project that is 3 feet x 3 feet requires 9 sq ft of moss.
This could be made up of
1 small box flat moss (4sq ft)
2 boxes reindeer moss (1.5 sq ft each)
2 boxes bun moss (1.5 sq ft each)

Where do you ship?
We ship all our products worldwide. Please contact us for more details.

How are moss panels installed?
Moss panels can be screwed directly to your wall. The moss is attached to coroplast or wood chip panels, and can be combined to create a seamless wall cover.

Do you offer moss wall design services?
Yes we can offer full design and/or installation services through our partners. You can provide dimensions, an inspiration image and your location and we can provide a quote, or refer you to our partners in your area.

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